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Identification Data

Bouwjaar: 1994
Classification Register: Germanischer Lloyd (GL)
IMO nummer: 9100138
Nat. Official Number: 7516 Z G 2006
Categorie: Cargo vessel
Voorstuwing: Motor Vessel
Type: General Cargo schip
Masten: Gearless
Material Hull: Steel
Dekken: 1
Construction Data

Scheepsbouwer: Bodewes Scheepswerf Volharding Foxhol B.V., Foxhol, Groningen, Netherlands
Werfnummer: 316
Delivery Date: 1994-00-00
Technical Data

Engine Manufacturer: M.A.N. B&W Diesel A/S, Copenhagen, Denmark
Motor Type: Motor, Oil, 4-stroke single-acting
Number of Cylinders: 8
Power: 2000
Power Unit: kW
Eng. additional info: Alpha Type 8L28/32A (280x320)
Speed in knots: 12.5
Number of screws: 1
Gross Tonnage: 2854.00 Gross tonnage
Net Tonnage: 1522.00 Net tonnage
Deadweight: 4033.00 tonnes deadweight (1000 kg)
Grain: 5456 Cubic Meters
Teu: 172
Length 1: 89.72 Meters Length overall (Loa BB)
Length 2: 84.98 Meters Length between perpendiculars (Lbp)
Beam: 13.82 Meters Breadth, extreme
Depth: 7.20 Meters Depth, moulded
Draught: 5.713 Meters Draught, maximum
Ship History Data

Date/Name Ship 1994-00-00 BREMER SATURN
Manager: Th. Jacobsen & Co. A/S, Sarpsborg, Norway
Homeport / Flag: Sarpsborg / Norway
Callsign: LAYN4

Date/Name Ship 2000-00-00 BREMER SATURN
Manager: Briese Schiffahrts G.m.b.H. & Co. K.G., Leer, Germany
Homeport / Flag: Onbekend / Gibraltar

Date/Name Ship 2006-04-00 NORDIC CHANTAL
Manager: Marin Ship Management B.V., Farmsum, Groningen, Netherlands
Eigenaar: Grey Star B.V., Delfzijl, Groningen, Netherlands
Homeport / Flag: Delfzijl / Netherlands
Callsign: PHFK

Date/Name Ship 2007-09-00 NORDIC CHANTAL
Manager: Bergen Shipping A.S., Bergen, Norway
Eigenaar: Linito Shipping Co. Ltd., Bergen, Norway
Homeport / Flag: Bergen / Norway
Callsign: LADS7

Date/Name Ship 2016-12-00 BALTIC MADONNA
Manager: Prima Shipping AB., Porvoo, Finland
Eigenaar: Prima Shipping AB., Porvoo, Finland
Homeport / Flag: Borgå / Finland
Callsign: OJRV

Ship Events Data

2018-04-09: 09-04-2018: Grounding off North Falster.
The "Baltic Madonna", with a draft of 4.9 meters, ran aground on the Grønsund fairway off North Falster near Stubbekøbing in the evening of Apr 9, 2018, at 6.45 p.m. The Danish Navy attended with the "Aries" from Vordingborg which had on board a crew of eight volunteers to inspect the ship and create an overview. The fairway was blocked for larger ships. The vessel refloated the following morning at 12.40 a.m. without assistance with the high tide. The ship has sailed up around Vordingborg, where it has dropped anchor at 3.30 a.m. for investigations by the Sydsjællands and Lolland-Falster Police and a check of the hull. Actually there were no signs of pollition. The SAR-boat "MHG 016" (MMSI: 219019034) was on standby. The "Baltic Madonna" had sailed from from Copenhagen at 11 a.m. and was bound to Nyborg with a cargo of containers and large rolls of steel. The vessel heaved anchor after investigations in the foremidday and was now heading to Nyborg, ETA Apr 10, 3.30 p.m., and being escorted by the anti pollution vessel "Marie Miljø".( source: Vesseltracker.)


Omschrijving: BREMER SATURN
Gemaakt door: Unknown

Omschrijving: NORDIC CHANTAL op 17-02-2010 te IJmuiden.
Gemaakt door: Coster, Marcel

Omschrijving: NORDIC CHANTAL op 14-08-2014 op de Nieuwe Waterweg.
Gemaakt door: Goudriaan, J. (Koos)

Omschrijving: NORDIC CHANTAL op 14-08-2014 op de Nieuwe Waterweg.
Gemaakt door: Goudriaan, J. (Koos)

Omschrijving: BALTIC MADONNA op het Drogden kanaal bij Copenhagen op 10-02-2018.
Gemaakt door: Johannes, Niels

Omschrijving: BALTIC MADONNA op 25-12-2020 op het Noordzeekanaal.
Gemaakt door: Coster, Ruud

Omschrijving: BALTIC MADONNA op 08-03-2021 op het Noordzeekanaal.
Gemaakt door: Coster, Ruud

Omschrijving: BALTIC MADONNA op 3 september 2022 op het Noordzeekanaal.
Gemaakt door: Bolhuis, Riemer J. van