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Identification Data

Bouwjaar: 2000
Classification Register: Lloyd's Register of Shipping (LR)
IMO nummer: 9156527
Categorie: Passenger vessel
Voorstuwing: Motor Vessel
Type: Passagiersschip
Material Hull: Steel
Dekken: 5
Construction Data

Scheepsbouwer: Fincantieri-Cant. Nav. Italiani S.p.A. (Breda), Venezia, Italy
Werfnummer: 6036
Date Laid Down: 1998-06-26
Launch Date: 1999-04-30
Delivery Date: 2000-04-06
Technical Data

Engine Manufacturer: Fincantieri-Cant. Nav. Italiana S.p.A. (Grandi Motori), Trieste, Italy
Motor Type: Motor, Oil, 4-stroke single-acting
Number of Cylinders: 12
Power: 43200
Power Unit: kW
Eng. additional info: 5 x Sulzer Type 12ZAV40S (400x560)
Speed in knots: 22
Number of screws: 1
Gross Tonnage: 60906.00 Gross tonnage
Net Tonnage: 31224.00 Net tonnage
Deadweight: 6150.00 tonnes deadweight (1000 kg)
Length 1: 237.00 Meters Length overall (Loa BB)
Length 2: 202.75 Meters Length between perpendiculars (Lbp)
Beam: 32.28 Meters Breadth, extreme
Depth: 11.00 Meters Depth, moulded
Draught: 7.800 Meters Draught, maximum
Ship History Data

Date/Name Ship 2000-00-00 ZAANDAM
Manager: Holland America Line N.V., Spijkenisse, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands
Eigenaar: HAL Nederland N.V., Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands
Homeport / Flag: Rotterdam / Netherlands
Callsign: PDAN

Ship Events Data

2012-04-08: HAL cruise ship makes first stop in 20 years at Taiwanese port. Luxury cruise company Holland America Line made its first stop in Taiwan in about 20 years when one of its cruise liners, carrying over 1,000 Japanese tourists, arrived in Hualien yesterday morning, according to a company spokeswoman. About 1,400 Japanese tourists aboard the Netherlands-registered cruise ship ms ZAANDAM arrived in the eastern Taiwan port at about 8 a.m. and were taken to Taroko National Park, one of the country's most popular tourist destinations. The luxury cruise liner, which was chartered by Japanese tour operators rather than on a regularly scheduled itinerary, set off from Kobe on April 5 and stopped in Nagasaki before sailing to Taiwan. It was to leave for Kaohsiung in southern Taiwan later Monday before heading back to Kobe, the spokeswoman said.

Externe informatie - Overig
Vereniging 'De Lijn' - Holland-Amerika Lijn: ZAANDAM 3 (2000-HEDEN)

Omschrijving: ZAANDAM
Collectie: -
Vervaardiger: Onbekend *
Onderwerp: Havenopname

Omschrijving: ZAANDAM Vancouver 2.5.2014
Collectie: -
Vervaardiger: Piche, Marc
Onderwerp: Luchtfoto

Omschrijving: ZAANDAM Panamakanaal 29.3.2018
Collectie: -
Vervaardiger: Gwrdave
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Omschrijving: ZAANDAM op 15-05-2020 aankomst IJmuiden.
Collectie: -
Vervaardiger: Blankwaard, Patrick

Omschrijving: ZAANDAM 1.10.2020
Collectie: -
Vervaardiger: Maat, Ria
Onderwerp: Luchtfoto

Omschrijving: ZAANDAM Southampton 4.11.2020
Collectie: -
Vervaardiger: Jeffess
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