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Identification Data

Bouwjaar: 1917
Classification Register: Lloyd's Register of Shipping (LR)
Categorie: Cargo vessel
Voorstuwing: Steamship
Type: General Cargo schip
Type Dek: Raised quarter deck
Material Hull: Steel
Dekken: 1
Construction Data

Scheepsbouwer: N.V. Scheepsbouwwerf 'De Merwede', v/h Van Vliet & Co., Neder-Hardinxveld, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands
Werfnummer: 131
Launch Date: 1917-00-00
Delivery Date: 1917-10-00
Technical Data

Engine Manufacturer: Penn & Bauduin, Dordrecht, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands
Motor Type: Steam, Triple Expansion
Number of Cylinders: 3
Power: 600
Power Unit: IHP (IPK)
Eng. additional info: 13 1/2, 22 1/2 & 36-27
Speed in knots: 9
Number of screws: 1
Gross Tonnage: 733.00 Gross tonnage
Net Tonnage: 314.00 Net tonnage
Deadweight: 1060.00 tons deadweight (1016 kg)
Grain: 43000 Cubic Feet
Bale: 39000 Cubic Feet
Length 1: 180.20 Feet (British) ***Unknown***
Beam: 28.10 Feet (British) ***Unknown***
Depth: 12.40 Feet (British) ***Unknown***
Ship History Data

Date/Name Ship 1917-10-00 HOLLANDIA I
Manager: N.V. Stoomvaart Maatschappij Hollandia, Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands
Eigenaar: N.V. Stoomvaart Maatschappij Hollandia, Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands
Homeport / Flag: Rotterdam / Netherlands
Callsign: PBRJ

Date/Name Ship 1921-00-00 HOLLANDIA I
Manager: Firma Wambersie & Zoon, Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands
Eigenaar: N.V. Handelmaatschappij ADKA, Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands
Homeport / Flag: Rotterdam / Netherlands
Callsign: PBRJ

Date/Name Ship 1924-00-00 FRODE
Manager: A. Prebensens, Risør, Norway
Eigenaar: A/S 'Garm', Risør, Norway
Homeport / Flag: Risør / Norway
Callsign: LDNT

Date/Name Ship 1931-00-00 FRODE
Manager: Ottar Holter, Sarpsborg, Norway
Eigenaar: Rederi A/S Steinmann, Sarpsborg, Norway
Homeport / Flag: Sarpsborg / Norway
Callsign: LDXQ

Ship Events Data

1941-01-00: "Frode" arrived Oban on fire in 01.1941, not war related. Beached at Loshnell Bay until 08.1941 then towed to Greenock for repairs.
1943-04-11: Final Fate:
Op reis van Bristal Channel naar een haven in het Engelse kanaal is de FRODE op 11 april 1943 bij Little Hampton, Shoreham, in positie 50˚45’NB en 0˚29’WL op een mijn gelopen en verloren gegaan. De FRODE was in ballast op reis van New Haven naar Cowes.
1943-04-11: "Frode" departed Newhaven in ballast in the afternoon of April 11th 1943 for Cowes for orders. Struck a mine and sank that same afternoon when between Littlehampton and Shoreham (50 45 48N 0 28 54W). The hatches, lifeboats and rafts were blown away. The helms man, Edvard Camyen Carlson was seen dead in the wheelhouse, 13 survivors had to jump overboard and cling to whatever debris they could find when the ship sank. 10 of them were rescued an hour later by a French gunboat and landed in Portsmouth where 9 were taken to a hospital, but the captain died on April 12th and 2nd Engineer Rolf Bure died on April 13th. The other 3 survivors had been rescued by an RAF rescue boat and taken to Littlehampton.
2007-08-06: 06.08.2007 The wreck is now very broken up and spread out with a few rib structures still pointing skyward. A number of wrasse now inhabit the area.


Collectie: Lindenborn, Marien
Vervaardiger: Unknown

Collectie: Schell, W.A
Vervaardiger: World Ship Photo Library