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Onder Nederlandse Vlag tussen:1880-02-27 / 1885-03-26 | Reden uitgevlagd: Sloop, afgekeurd

Identification Data

Bouwjaar: 1853
Categorie: Cargo vessel
Voorstuwing: Sailing Vessel
Type: Fregat
Masten: Three masts
Material Hull: Wood, sheathed with copper
Dekken: 2
Construction Data

Scheepsbouwer: Trufant & Drummond, Bath (Me.), U.S.A.
Contractor: none
Launch Date: 1853-00-00
Technical Data

Net Tonnage: 1541.77 Net tonnage
Length 1: 215.0 Feet (British) Registered
Beam: 41.8 Feet (British) Registered
Depth: 28.0 Feet (British) Registered
Ship History Data

Date/Name Ship 1853-00-00 EMERALD ISLE
Manager: W. & J.T. Tapscott, New York (N.Y.), U.S.A.
Eigenaar: W. & J.T. Tapscott, New York (N.Y.), U.S.A.
Homeport / Flag: New York (N.Y.) / U.S.A.
Callsign: HGDT

Date/Name Ship 1878-00-00 EMERALD ISLE
Manager: Grinnell, Mintwin & Co., New York (N.Y.), U.S.A.
Eigenaar: Grinnell, Mintwin & Co., New York (N.Y.), U.S.A.
Homeport / Flag: New York (N.Y.) / U.S.A.
Callsign: HGDT
Additional info: 7782

Date/Name Ship 1878-00-00 EMERALD ISLE
Manager: Isaac B. Staples, New York (N.Y.), U.S.A.
Eigenaar: Isaac B. Staples, New York (N.Y.), U.S.A.
Homeport / Flag: New York (N.Y.) / U.S.A.
Callsign: HGDT

Date/Name Ship 1879-00-00 EMERALD ISLE
Manager: J.S. Shepherd, New York (N.Y.), U.S.A.
Eigenaar: J.S. Shepherd, New York (N.Y.), U.S.A.
Homeport / Flag: New York (N.Y.) / U.S.A.
Callsign: HGDT

Date/Name Ship 1880-02-27 BARENDINE OSIRIA
Manager: P. Landberg & Zoon, Batavia, Netherlands East Indies
Eigenaar: P. Landberg & Zoon, Batavia, Netherlands East Indies
Homeport / Flag: Batavia / Netherlands East Indies
Callsign: TBSC

Ship Events Data

1853-00-00: De EMERALD ISLE was een bekend landverhuizers-schip, zoals blijkt uit onderstaande tekst:Emerald Isle
Ship: 1736 tons: 215' x 42' x 21'
Built: 1853 by Trufant & Drummond at Bath, Maine
A famous clipper packet, the full-rigged Emerald Isle carried a total of 1280 Mormons in three voyages across the Atlantic Ocean.
The first passage began on 30 November 1855 at Liverpool with 350 Saints on board. Elder Philemon C. Merrill and his counselors, Elders Joseph France and Thomas B. H. Stenhouse, presided over the emigrant company. Captain George B. Cornish, a veteran mariner, commanded the vessel. In 1848 he was listed as master of the 895-ton ship Sheridan. The crossing was marked by some damage caused by high winds and heavy seas, the deaths of two children, and three marriages. After a relatively fast crossing of twenty-nine days the ship arrived on 29 December at New York harbor.
Almost four years later, on 20 August 1859, the Emerald Isle again skippered by Captain Cornish sailed out of Liverpool with fifty-four Saints aboard-fifty from Switzerland and Italy and four from England. Elder Henry Hug was in charge of the company. After a forty-two-day passage, of which there are no details, the vessel arrived on 1 October at New York.
This same ship began her third voyage with Mormon emigrants on 20 June 1868 at Liverpool. There were 876 Saints in the company, of which 627 were from Scandinavia and the rest from the British Isles. Elder Hans Jensen Hals presided over the company. His counselors were Elders James Smith and John Fagerberg. On this crossing the ship was commanded by a Captain Gillespie. After six days the square-rigger put into Queenstown harbor to take on fresh water, since the equipment to distill sea water for culinary use had broken down. On 29 June the voyage resumed, but life on shipboard became increasingly unpleasant. The officers and crew treated the Saints harshly, and Elder Hals protested to the captain and reminded him of the contractual and legal rights of the passengers. On one occasion a mate attacked a Sister Saunders, and a "Brother Jensen" pulled the mate away and chastised him. Soon a group of sailors threatened violence but were subdued after the master reprimanded the offender. According to the Church Emigration record, no other emigrating company was known to have received such bad treatment. "Fortunately this is the last company of Scandinavian Saints which crossed the Atlantic Ocean in a sailing vessel." However, it was not just the treatment from the ship's of officers and crew that created unpleasantness, but the water became stagnant and unfit for use, causing much sickness among the emigrants. No less than thirty- seven deaths occurred. Although many children died of measles, it was felt that the drinking water contributed to the high death rate. During the three days of quarantine in the New York harbor thirty-eight sick emigrants were taken ashore. On 14 August-after a fifty-five-day passage-the Saints landed at Castle Garden.
Described by her owners-Tapscott's Line-as a half clipper in model and a packet clipper in rig, the Emerald Isle hailed out of New York and was the largest vessel built at Bath, Maine, until the 1860s. She was somewhat full bodied, sharp, and heavily sparred. She was a three-decker but also had a forecastle deck with two large houses for a galley, storerooms, and crew's quarters and a small cabin abaft the main hatch. The first lower deck contained a steerage cabin with a double tier of staterooms on each side running forward to the main hatch. Each of these staterooms had eight berths. This graceful ship had a figurehead of a dog in the act of leaping. Her stern was half round with a carved moulding which had the Harp of Erin in the center, an American Eagle on the right, and a dog on the left. Underneath were written the mottoes on the Irish and American coat of arms-Erin-go-Bragh and E Pluribus Unum. The Emerald Isle was among the first vessels to have standing rigging of wire. In 1885 she was sailing under the Dutch flag and renamed Berendina Oriria out of Batavia.
(bron: Internet, uit boek Ships, Saints and Mariners, by Conway B. Sonne)

1877-01-01: Andere bronnen vermelden, dat de EMERALD ISLE gedurende haar lange loopbaan onder USA-vlag ook nog eigendom was van Lane & West, New York (misschien voor hun rekening gebouwd in 1853) en van Cornish & Co., New York, en dat W. & J.T. Tapscott & Co pas in 1859 de eigenaren werden. Dit is dubieus (12/2011).
1880-02-27: Op reis van Hong Kong naar New York is de EMERALD ISLE op 29 december 1879 in Straat Gaspar, ten noord-westen van Banka, op een koraalrif gestoten; zij arriveerde lek te Batavia en werd aldaar op 27 januari 1880 afgekeurd. Op 27 februari 1880 aldaar openbaar verkocht en voor NLG 4720 gekocht door P. Landberg & Zoon, gerepareerd en verdoopt tot BARENDINE OSIRIA. Op 2 mei 1880 vertrok het schip op haar eerste reis onder Nederlandse vlag van Batavia naar Sumanap
1885-03-26: Final Fate:
De BARENDINE OSIRIA werd op 26 maart 1885 te Soerabaja voor sloop verkocht.
SH 020385. Advertentie. Op donderdag 26 maart 1885, des morgens ten 10 ure, zullen de ondergetekenden in het Vendulokaal alhier, ten overstaan van het Vendu-departement, publiek verkopen het Nederlands-Indische driemast schip BARENDINE OSIRIA, groot 1.696 ton, met staand en lopend tuig, stel zeilen en verdere aan boord aanwezige inventaris, liggende ter rede alhier.
Tromp, de Haas, Scheij & Co.


Datum vanaf: 1880
Kapitein: Brandt, W.J.
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Datum vanaf: 1882
Kapitein: Hesselberg, J.F.
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